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Making beaded jewelry is a fun and easy way to get creative for people of many ages. You can pursue beaded jewelry making as hobby, or sell your creations to other people and get money for something that is fun, easy and addictive to do!

The goal when you being beaded jewelry making should be to create a stunning adornment for each and every outfit that you own. But why stop at just the one? Choice and variety are the key!

Keep that it mind when you begin beaded jewelry making, as you will always be looking for a sneaky reason to start another project!

A Brief History of Beaded Jewelry Making

Beaded Earring Display

Beaded jewelry making has stamped its place on many exotic cultures and countries across time. From the rosary beads of Christianity, to the peyote stitch of Native Americans, beads themselves have been in almost every society.

Beaded jewelry has had many uses - ranging from decoration, ceremony, currency to religion. Modern beaded jewelry making borrows traditions from Europe, the Far East, the Americas, Africa and prehistoric times to create exotic and attractive designs.

You can see these influences in the types of beads produced. Be inspired to let this rich history shine through when you decide how best to display your beads.

Different Techniques To Try

You can use several techniques in beaded jewelry making. The most popular for beginners use tiger-tail, beading thread or eye-pins.

Each method offers a different way of displaying beautiful beads, and the maker should aim to use the technique that best enhances their exquisiteness.


Tiger tail works best for displaying feature beads, as they can be held in particular places around a necklace, bracelet or on an earring drop. An easy method to master, tiger-tail designs offer beginners a quick way to begin their own jewelry collections.

Beading Thread

Beaded jewelry making using seed beads is best suited to beading thread. You can use a needle to create intricate patterns and weaves that can turn a small, common bead into something unique and different.


Eye-pins are useful for beaded jewelry making. They can use either seed beads or feature beads to create long chains. These chains can become an earring drop, necklaces or bracelets of any length or size.

Getting Started!

Beading Workspace

Whatever technique you choose, the hardest part, at first, is starting!

Once you have begun beaded jewelry making, however, you'll learn that the hardest part is actually stopping! It is a really addictive hobby that can be taken as far as you would like to go.

In this site there is a virtual ton of great information, tips and advice to help you get started making absolutely gorgeous pieces of beaded jewelry!

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